Album: Des Fils De Pute (2014)

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Song: The End (feat. Bun Dem Out, Balboa, Wolfpack & Cunthunt777)

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The musical band/project was formed in 2009 in Paris, France.
With members from all the world like Austria, Germany and United States of America.
Also known as SLAM COKE, the majority of their tracks are experimental mixture of Death metal, Hardcore, Hip hop & Drum n Bass.

The band has collaborated with guests, including Don Campan from Waking the Cadaver, Marco Pitruzzella from Six Feet Under and many more.

Slamcoke has released one demo, four singles and two full-length albums.

Twitter: @slamcoke
Instagram: @slamcoke

Independent (2013 - Present)
Goodlife Recordings (2010 - 2013)
Independent (2009 - 2010)

Jorge - Vocals (2009 - Present)
Don - Vocals (2014 - Present)
Flo - Guitar (2009- Present)
Nils - Bass (2009 - Present)
Marco - Drums (2011 - Present)

Past Members:
Norman - Vocals (2010-2012)

2011 - First Cookie: fick die bude kaputt (CD)
2014 - Des Fils De Pute (CD)

2009 - Biatch (Mp3)
2012 - Fick Die Bude Kaputt: round 2 (Mp3)
2012 - Fuck The Police (Mp3)
2015 - Predators (Mp3)


Also known as :
- Slamcoke
- Slam Coke
- Slmck

We would like to thanks ounce, all the bands who featured on slamcoke tracks the last 6 years :

DjamHellvice, Arbok , Jazzafari , Crystal F, Da Crown, The Juliet Massacre, Bun Dem Out, Balboa, Wolfpack, Cunthunt 777, Six Ft Ditch, King Conquer, Words Of Concrete, Waking The Cadaver, Signs Of The End, Yesterday I Had A Roadkill, Providence, Cold Hard Truth, MPO/Backboned, Balboa/Des Mafios, El Comer Ocho, Butcher, The Last Charge, King Of Clubz, OerjgrindeR/Nasty, Kraanium, Black Teeth, Mob Rules, Dead End Tragedy, Abnormity, Punished Earth, United Blood, TC4, Monsta & Whip Graze